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Invoking the sky and Earth through the rhythm of drums and gongs: Discover the secrets of Korean Samul Nori

Gulf News 01 Jun 2023
K-Pop and K-dramas led her to learning Samul Nori, the genre of Korean percussion music ... She has even learnt a little Korean, and manages to introduce herself fluently ... Kwak Junhyuk, an instructor for Samul Nori lessons at the Korean Cultural Centre, says there’s a ‘special joy’ in Korean music that must be shared.

It May Be Too Late to Stop North Korea From Firing Nukes

Yahoo Daily News 30 May 2023
The North Koreans “are acting to shore up their so-called nuclear deterrent,” Squassoni, who is now a professor at the George Washington University, told The Daily Beast ... A first-strike capability, Colares warned, might “cause the North Korean dictators to delude themselves into dreams of glory, a very risky proposition.”Quick to Launch.

South Korean golf boom in Dubai

Gulf News 25 May 2023
Have you had golf lessons in the UAE?. Personally, I haven’t had a golf lesson in the UAE. Most of my Korean friends though have lessons at the Emirates Golf Club because there is a Korean coach which makes the language barrier easier sometimes. But still, I think golf lessons are important because you can learn the basic posture.

How we act when perception, expression are impeded

Republican American 23 May 2023
Han Kang’s tender new novel “Greek Lessons,” translated ... Hoping to engender another recovery, she enrolls in Ancient Greek lessons ... “Greek Lessons” by Han Kang, translated from the Korean by Deborah Smith and Emily Yae Won; Hogarth (192 pages, $26).
photo: Creative Commons / hyolee2
Geumcheon Police Station in Seoul; South Korea

Retail investors prefer financial assets to residential property

Korea Times 22 May 2023
Another painful lesson in stock investing was observed last month when Korean retail investors learned a bitter lesson in momentum trading after a group of stocks dropped more than 50 percent in just a few days ... The Korean retail investors' irresistible penchant for momentum ...

A Century of Censorship

The Liberty Beacon 20 May 2023
American journalist John Powell is charged with sedition for a series of articles in the The China Monthly Review, where he wrote that the US military used biological warfare against North Korean and Chinese soldiers, incorporating lessons learned from Imperial Japan’s Unit 731.

'Every woman who enters the sea carries a coffin on her back'

Standard-Speaker 18 May 2023
While book club members initially struggled with the difficult names of the characters and other Korean words, they felt it was an interesting book that provided an excellent history lesson on Korean culture, along with the mountains, caves and other unique features of the ocean.

So pleased to meet you: why it’s never too late to make close friends

The Observer 14 May 2023
At the time, nobody outside Korea had heard of Kyung-sook Shin or Korean literature but, in my heart and mind, I knew the value of it ... Also, I don’t speak Korean and she doesn’t speak much English ... She didn’t make me feel like an out-of-shape couch potato, but instead chose the moment to give me my first lesson in the Korean language.

Korea�Commissions LNG Bunker Vessel with Domestic Containment System

The Maritime Executive 13 May 2023
The goal was to develop a domestic technology that will be competitive on the international market and provide a marketing advantage for Korean shipbuilders ... Based on lessons learned with the KC-1 membrane technology, the Korean government launched a second project in 2017 to upgrade the system to come up with the advanced KC-2 tank design.

TeamSparta Officially Launches its Korean Online Coding Education Service ‘Sparta Coding Club’ in Japan

Hastings Tribune 11 May 2023
TeamSparta Inc., a Korean Edutech startup, announced on May 11 that it had officially launched the 'Sparta Coding Club ' in Japan, an ... ‘Sparta Coding Club’ is an online coding lesson service that ranks first in the Korean coding education sector in terms of customer satisfaction.

North Korean school uses Disney films to teach English

The Times/The Sunday Times 10 May 2023
A documentary broadcast on state television last week showed teenagers at an elite secondary school in Pyongyang watching the 2013 animated smash-hit Frozen in an English lesson, with Korean subtitles ... “Two tiny tigers take two taxis to town.”Sponsored ... VIDEO ... .

Classes to teach parents-to-be traditional Korean lullabies, mobile making

Korea Times 09 May 2023
A Korean traditional hand-sewn baby mobile is seen in a poster for "Sewing with Our Own Folk Sound" class at Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music / Courtesy of Seoul Metropolitan Government ... Lessons teaching the craft of sewing a baby mobile and folkloric Korean lullabies, open on Friday at Seoul Museum of Korean Folk Music in central Seoul.

Drumming, dancing and chanting: Arirang Texas Group brings Korean folk music to Carrollton

Hastings Tribune 09 May 2023
It’s Tuesday afternoon practice for the Arirang Texas Group, a club of Korean seniors who perform a Korean folk music tradition called pungmul that involves drumming, singing and dancing ... That’s why Kim volunteers several hours of her time each week to give free lessons to other Korean elders in the group who want to learn samulnori.

Putin's global public enemy No. 1, but don't forget the danger Kim Jong Un brings

Dothan Eagle 09 May 2023
It has made the world forget about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un ... In the meantime, however, the North Korean Communist regime has been hard at work stepping up its nuclear arsenal — in both technological advancement and inventory ... allies in the region from the reckless belligerence of the North Korean regime.

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